Mentoring Statistics: Our Track Record of Success

Mentoring is proven to work for all ages and groups, from youths to college age students, from faith-based organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Average Increase Of A Full Letter Grade
Reduction in Behavioral Disturbances
Reported Improved Social Interactions
Increase In Self-Esteem & Social Interactions

What Clients Are Saying About Dr. Kranzler’s Mentoring Programs

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“Skills learned and practised changed the students for the better and gave them the confidence and tools to improve their interpersonal relationships as well as the ability to engage and create new sustained friendships. The process was well conceived and executed with great care, thought and precision, leading a successful model for all involved.”
Rabbi Pinchas Hecht, Head of School
“When Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler first introduced the idea of starting a mentoring program at Rohr Middle School, we were intrigued yet completely unsure of how to orchestrate such a lofty goal. With Dr. Kranzler’s thoughtful planning and insightful guidance, we absolutely exceeded our expectations.”
Staci Berry, General Studies Principal

Our Misson

Leaf Mentoring’s mission is simple: To make individuals and communities flourish. In order to accomplish this, we design and implement cost effective and self-sustaining mentoring programs that create successful, motivated and productive members of society. Mentoring works when it’s done right and we do mentoring right.

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