The Benjamin Franklin Generation: What Businesses Need To Know About Millenial Workers

Benjamin Franklin emphasized tolerance and his successful diplomatic interactions with other nations were essential to the founding of the United States. No generation has ever been so dedicated to diversity and knowledge of other people and new ideas as Millennials.

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Silence is Not An Option for Mentoring Professionals When it Comes to Immigrant and Refugee Youth

Mentoring advocates, who value human relationships above almost everything else, cannot remain silent when immigrant youth are not being provided with adequate services.  It is beyond absurd to not be providing the advantages that mentoring creates for immigrant youth who regularly experience discrimination, isolation, poverty and trauma. The first mentoring programs that I created were [...]

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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has specialty practice sections, one of which is CAYA, which is dedicated to children, adolescents, and young adults.  The newsletter is sent out to their thousands of members and Dr. Kranzler was tapped to share his expertise in school-based mentoring for their 2017 Spring/Summer edition. Click here to [...]

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How Mentoring Reduces Behavioral Disturbances in School

I have always believed that disruptive behavior is the primary cause for hair loss among teachers and school administrators.  Now instead of simply teaching, teachers have to be behaviorists and instead of enriching school functioning, administrators have to be disciplinarians.   So why are behavioral issues in schools so prevalent?   There are many root [...]

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I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller: How Mentoring Builds Self Confidence in Youth

A lack of self-esteem is a barrier to academic and social success and a gateway to a variety of behavioral issues. But participation trophies aren’t the answer. Neither are compliments from parents. Quite perceptively, children believe that their parents are biased. And even when parent are accurate, their praise is often meaningless because children and [...]

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