I have always believed that disruptive behavior is the primary cause for hair loss among teachers and school administrators.  Now instead of simply teaching, teachers have to be behaviorists and instead of enriching school functioning, administrators have to be disciplinarians.


So why are behavioral issues in schools so prevalent?   There are many root causes; a lack of connection to anyone at school, a cry for attention, difficulty with impulsivity, conflicts with teachers, issues at home and a feeling that class and school work don’t matter are just some of the many causes.  Mentoring can address these root causes by giving acting-out students someone who gives them attention, makes them feel cared for, holds them accountable to high expectations and serves as an advocate, mediator and role model.

I’ve seen the research that supports mentoring as a solution to behavioral issues and I’ve seen it in the school-based mentoring programs I’ve run. In one program that I ran, behavioral disturbances were reduced by 67% in mentored high school students.

I believe teachers should teach, administrators should administrate and kids should thrive through the positive connections created by mentoring.