How Leaf’s Faith-Based Mentoring Works

Leaf Mentoring provides a comprehensive system that trains your staff and established, thriving community members and young peer leaders, to provide supportive one on one relationships with younger members of your faith community or youth group organization. These program components create self-sustaining mentoring programs that are economical, effective and independent, bypassing a need for ongoing consulting fees. Below are listed the specific elements of the program.

“Skills learned and practised changed the students for the better and gave them the confidence and tools to improve their interpersonal relationships as well as the ability to engage and create new sustained friendships. The process was well conceived and executed with great care, thought and precision, leading a successful model for all involved.”
Rabbi Pinchas Hecht, Head of School

Evaluation of Organizational Needs

Leaf Mentoring conducts a preliminary evaluation of the organization’s strengths and needs. The comprehensive assessment involves gathering data from all key stakeholders; board members, administrators, staff, and members of your community.


Creating Buy In

Leaf Mentoring communicates the need for and efficacy of mentoring interventions to all stakeholders.


Training a Mentoring Coordinator

In order to make the mentoring program self-sustaining, Leaf Mentoring trains a member of the staff to take the lead in training and coordinating all future mentoring programs. Leaf Mentoring assists in the identification of this staff member.


Guiding Initial Mentor and Mentee Selection and Matching

Together with the Mentoring Coordinator, Leaf Mentoring collaborates with administrators and staff to identify mentors and mentees. After the initial mentor training has taken place, Leaf Mentoring conducts the initial matching process between mentors and mentees.


Mentor Training

Leaf Mentoring presents the initial training for the first group of mentors and provides the necessary instruction and materials for the mentoring coordinator to run all future trainings.


Establishment of Data Collection

Any effective program can and should be measured to demonstrate its effectiveness. Leaf Mentoring establishes data collection processes for grant applications and presentations to the community and key donors.


Ongoing Supervision

To ensure that your mentoring initiative is successful and sustainable, Leaf Mentoring provides two years of supervision after the initial visit. This ongoing support, supervision and guidance is one of the many factors that sets Dr. Kranzler’s interventions apart and ensures the success and growth of the mentoring program and its impact on the community.