School-Based Mentoring:
Make Your School Bloom

  • Because schools must bring out the best in their students
  • Because bullying has no place in school
  • Because no student should feel lost, alone or unmotivated
  • Because in order to flourish, youth need someone at school who is looking out just for them
  • Because mentoring works


“When Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler first introduced the idea of starting a mentoring program at Rohr Middle School, we were intrigued yet completely unsure of how to orchestrate such a lofty goal. With Dr. Kranzler’s thoughtful planning and insightful guidance, we absolutely exceeded our expectations.”
Staci Berry, General Studies Principal, Rohr Middle School

Leaf Mentoring creates schools where students feel motivated, connected, happy and safe, where parents feel confident their children will thrive, where administrators have significantly reduced disciplinary duties, and where key stakeholders know they are receiving the greatest returns on their investments in the leaders of tomorrow.

When a youth has a successful, caring, accepting and attentive mentor they begin to internalize positive views of themselves. Their expectations of what they are capable of achieving begin to match the belief that their mentors have in them.

But caring adults and peers need to receive training and support.  Only then can they be the most effective, and fully harness their natural ability to make a difference.  That’s where Leaf mentoring comes in.  We provide all of the necessary programmatic elements to ensure your mentors are successful, and we create self-sustaining programs that produce results year after year.

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